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Spring 2018 Registration Starts NOW!


Club Level

  • Competitive league play accessible to all players.
  • Practice 1x per week with 1-2 league games per weekend
  • March 1st - May 31st
  • Some teams may culminate season with Jam on It tournament in Reno.

Select Level

  • Team selection based on tryouts.
  • Commitment to practice, tournament and cost is mandatory.
  • Practice 2x per week with weekend tournaments
  • Season length dependent on team March-May or March - July

Tryouts begin January 27th - See below for specific information.


Tryouts held at The ARC Gym

San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church

902 Danville Blvd. Alamo


January 27th

  • 12:10 - 1:10    4th Grade Girls
  • 1:20  -  2:20   Rescheduled to 2/17
  • 2:30 -  3:30    6th Grade Girls
  • 3:40 -  4:40    6th Grade Boys


February 3rd

  • 12:10 -  1:10 3rd Grade Girls
  • 1:20  -   2:20  Rescheduled to 2/17
  • 2:30  -  3:30   5th Grade Girls
  • 3:40  -  4:40   5th Grade Boys

February 10th

  • 12:10 -   1:10  7th Grade Boys
  • 1:20  -   2:20  7th Grade Girls
  • 2:30  -  3:30  8th Grade Girls
  • 3:40  -  4:40  8th Grade Boys


February 17th

  • 3rd Grade Boys - Time TBD
  • 4th Grade Boys - Time TBD

Possible callbacks for any age group - TBD


High School Tryouts TBD after HS Season ends 

Wolfpack 3x3 Fall League

Wolfpack is excited to roll out it's first 3x3 League!

Optimal Skill Development

More time on the court

More ball possessions

More play time!

Boys League 5th - 6th Grade

Girls League 3rd - 5th Grade

Saturday afternoons at The ARC

$75 per player + uniform cost

Wolfpack Spring 2017 

Exciting changes bringing more opportunities to play for everyone!


Club Level

This spring Wolfpack will continue to have our Club Teams.  Parent coached teams will practice once per week and play weekend games with the local MVP league.  We've added skill development opportunities for all players with Wolfpack coaching staff included in the price. This is a perfect option for the basketball enthusiast wanting to keep playing and learning the game.  Season runs March 1st - May 31st.*


Elite Level

We are proud to announce we have added an outstanding coaching staff to offer more competitive opportunities for players looking to play more basketball and develop their skills.  Elite Teams will practice 2 times per week and will be provided a third skill development with coaching staff.  Teams will play 2 tournaments per month.  The extended season run March 1 - July 30th.*  Tryout required for Elite teams.


Tournament Level

We've created an option for those players wanting more basketball but can't commit to the lengthy season of our Elite teams.  Tournament Teams will practice 2 times per week with access to skills development. Coaches will determine MVP league and tournament play per team basis.  Season runs March 1 - May 31st.*   Tryout required for Tournament teams.  Some teams may play tournaments into June.


*All levels will have opportunities to travel to Reno for the Jam on It Memorial Day Tourney.  Any costs incurred for this tourney are extra.




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